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Meet Peter Camejo


"My platform is what makes me better than Simon or Davis," Camejo says. "That I'm not associated with money, not influenced by money makes me the best candidate."


Stop paying for bad decisions and corruption in the utility industry. End the bail-outs that have destroyed our budget surplus. More

Living Wage & Labor Rights

It is unacceptable that many people who work full-time are earning so little that they are still in poverty. Enact "living wage" laws statewide. Fight for the rights of workers, unions, and prevailing wage rules. More

Fair Elections

Camejo supports using run-offs in state-wide elections. Camejo will work for campaign finance reform, to eliminate bribery and corruption. More

Civil Rights

End racial profiling by police and the criminal justice system. End the death penalty. Advocate for women's rights and reproductive freedom. More


Camejo supports all efforts to protect the last remaining old-growth trees. More


Guarantee a quality education to everyone, including equal access to resources such as books, school facilities that work, and great teachers who are paid enough to stay in the profession. More

Law & Order

Increase rehabilitation and training for people in trouble. Abolish California's "3 Strikes" law. More

Crime & Drugs

Camejo will treat drug addiction as a disease. More


Guarantee Universal Health Care to every Californian. Require labeling and regulation of genetically modified foods. More


Traffic congestion cannot be dealt with without slowing population growth or long-term planning on organizing our cities better and establishing mass transportation, getting fuel cell going in cars and reducing the size of cars. More

Project Vote Smart NPAT

Read Peter's issue positions and answers to the 2002 California Gubenatorial National Political Awareness Test (NPAT), given by Project Vote Smart.



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