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Meet Peter Camejo

Get Involved

Your help is needed now!

The Camejo campaign has a unique opportunity to change the way California politics happens, but we can't do it without your commitment!
  • DONATE: Our opponents have dozens of statewide organizing staff, millions of dollars to spend on TV commercials, and never have to check the bank balance just to print new materials.  We take no money from corporations, and our four committed staff people work for next to nothing.  Still, your contribution of $100 buys us 5000 more campaign brochures; $150 includes the staff time and expenses to distribute them. 

  • VOLUNTEER: Your vote is not enough!  No genuine grassroots change can happen without citizens who will put their time and sweat into carrying their ideas through.  We are looking for volunteers to table at farmer's markets and supermarkets; to make phone calls urging people to vote; to stuff and sending mailings; to host house parties and other campaign events; and to donate their skills to do specialized tasks for the campaign.


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I would like to volunteer to help the campaign, in the following ways:
Host a house party or other event Assist with database and other office tasks
Tabling Research and writing
Phonebanking Door-to-door campaigning
Offer a professional skill (please specify)
You may use my name as an endorser.

To complete your donation, please donate online using PayPal

or send a check made out to:

Camejo for Governor
P.O. Box 32102
Oakland, CA 94604

Please be sure to include your name, address, occupation & employer
(these are required by California campaign contribution laws for anyone contributing over $99).


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