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Meet Peter Camejo

Environmental Issues

  • Promote increased use of alternative fuel technology.
  • Use state funds to clean up former industrial and commercial sites that are contaminated, unused, or abandoned.
  • Support a bond for clean air, parks, and water conservation programs.
  • State funding for open space preservation
  • State environmental regulations should be stricter than federal law

Ancient Forests

California only has 4% of our original ancient trees remaining. Camejo supports all efforts to protect the last remaining old-growth trees, so that they will still be alive for our descendents. We Greens look to the future. We see a day when our children and grandchildren scorn us for our shortsightedness as we destroy the last of an ancient heritage, which cannot be recreated when it is gone. We are all part of a system, the earth's system for managing itself, and no one knows what will happen to us if we push the system too far out of whack. Every major ecosystem on earth is in decline. We have global warming. There is an impending water shortage/crisis. Let's change course now, before it is too late.

Oil Drilling

Would ban all oil drilling off the California coast. As for drilling leases already awarded, "it's complicated. I don't have specific answers. The valuation of these (leases) have to be based on how much it took to invest, how much is to be made. . . Those formulas should be studied carefully . . . but we are totally opposed to all of this."

Camejo's Debate Response: Would you have signed AB 1493, which seeks to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions?

"If youÍre in a car going 65 miles per hour toward a cliff, and someone says slow to 40, of course youÍre for it, but it may not be the answer. Yes, IÍm for it, but I think much more needs to be done. Plus, weÍve heard this before from the Democrats, where they promise things and then they never happen. But I do think Bill Simon is just dead wrong to say we donÍt know if there is global warming. The evidence and the scientific knowledge on that is overwhelming. I really want to try to convince Bill against that. IÍm going to be on a talk show with him here today, and I may just raise that with him and say, 'Bill, you gotta read stuff.Í I mean there is just so much evidence out there."

Nuclear Waste

"We should do what Germany's doing, stop building new nuclear plants, and begin a program to phase out existing plants. I would establish a commission of scientists most hostile to nuclear power to figure out how to protect the public. What are we going to do with the waste? That's a good question. It's really dangerous stuff... It needs to be stored safely and we need to stop producing it. We don't have an answer. We need to study it and try to figure it out."


"We need reserves of water. We need to stop irrational farming of crops like rice, when we have to completely subsidize it. We must end the subsidy of the waste of water so reserves don't run down. It means changing absurd policies... Efficiency in the use of water for agriculture if you want to stop drought."

Regulation Vs Economy

"The only way you're going to save jobs is defending the environment. You cannot have an economy without nature. When people try to counterpose the two, it leads to a complete misunderstanding. Natural capital has to be protected for jobs to exist."

Forest Fire Protection Plan

"This proposal, like so many that appear to be written to protect our forest, is to continue logging... I'm very suspicious of this. From what I understand, I'm opposed to it."



Green Party Platform

  • Ecology & Earth Stewardship
  • Social Justice & Liveable Communities
  • Peace & Nonviolence
  • Democracy & Electoral Reform
  • Community-Based Sustainable Economics
  • 10 Key Values
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