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Meet Peter Camejo

Camejo accepts Green Party request to put him on state ballots as their 2004 presidential candidate despite misgivings

Read the interview.

Post-election - The Recall
by Peter Camejo

Because of the Green Party’s participation in the recall election we have gained new respect and sympathy from millions of people in California and throughout the United States.

The Green Party made history in the recall election on several levels. In part because of the 5.3% of the vote we received in November 2002, and in part because of the nature of the recall, we were immediately considered a major candidate by the media.

This status resulted in a historic breakthrough. A third party gubernatorial candidate was included in televised debates. The Green Party has reached this status not because of any one specific event or candidate but because of our overall following and successes in California
. Read more here, or listen to Peter's election night speech (requires Windows Media Player).

Post-election roundtable forum on recall hosted by Democracy Now!

Discussion includes, Peter Camejo, Dolores Huerta (co-founder of United Farm Workers) who supported Gray Davis against the recall, former state senator Tom Hayden, Sonali Kolhatkar of KPFK in Los Angeles, and Willie Ratcliffe, publisher of the San Francisco Bay View, California's leading African-American newspaper. Click to watch, listen, or read.

Thank you everyone...

...for your support and commitment, which have made Peter's campaign such a success. May we all look forward too building upon the exponential increase of attention Peter garnered for so many great causes.

Peter Debates for the Future of California

Click for text and audio links from the debate.

Why vote Green if it might help Arnold?

The almost 400,000 voters who chose the Green candidate last year made it possible for Peter to be in the debates and get the level of exposure he has received this time. Without that large vote total, it would not be happening...Continued

Join us October 7th and vote NO on Ward Connerly's attempt to hide California's racial problems

Ward Connerly, the UC Regent appointed by Governor Pete Wilson, has introduced a dangerous, deceptive, and irresponsible initiative that he calls "The Racial Privacy Initiative," even though it has nothing to do with privacy.

The initiative is a radical measure that would damage our ability to address disparities by race or ethnicity in healthcare and disease patterns, educational resources and academic achievement, and hate crime and discrimination

For more information on this issue click here.

Why do those who have so little pay so much?

The California Budget Project's April 15, 2003 report states that "Measured as a share of family income, California's poorest families pay the most in taxes. Tax liability on cryptocurrencies depends on whether it is held as currency or as an asset. Using crypto trading bots, such as bitqt handelssoftware that enables trading based on data, can lead to profitable results with minimal risk. . . ." For more information on this report click here.

Camejo Marches Under the Earth Flag in the San Francisco Peace Rally

Thousands March in Peace Rally

Camejo addressed the demonstrators in front of City Hall, Saturday, Oct 26, 2002, during what the media is calling the largest peace demonstration since Vietnam.
  • S.F. peace march draws thousands - SF Chronicle
  • Marching for peace - Vallejo News
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