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Meet Peter Camejo

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Camejo in the News

  • Green Party's Camejo to talk about investing responsibly
    Wed 01/21/04, Tri-Valley Herald
  • CNN says so
    Mon 12/29/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Camejo Glad he Raised Green Party's Profile
    Fri 10/10/03, Ventura County Star
  • Camejo says his bid helped Green Party
    Thu 10/09/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Camejo and Huffington made their points exposure in debate was the high tide in their campaigns
    Wed 10/08/03, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Camejo says his bid helped Green Party
    Wed 10/08/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Greens say party gained credibility
    Wed 10/08/03, San Jose Mercury News
  • Schwarzenegger Overwhelmingly Elected to Replace Dem. Gray Davis
    Wed 10/08/03, Democracy Now
  • Candidate raises profile of Green Party
    Mon 10/06/03, Knight Ridder/Tribune
  • Camejo spreads his word to win one for the Greens
    Sun 10/05/03, San Francisco Chronicle
  • A real alternative in the recall circus
    Fri 10/03/03, Socialist Worker Online
  • Davis out, Camejo in; no on 54
    Thu 10/02/03, Pasadena Weekly
  • Move to the Left
    Thu 10/02/03, Pasadena Weekly
  • California election: is it just about Schwarzenegger?
    Wed 10/01/03, Green Left Weekly
  • Don't Exclude Peter Camejo
    Wed 10/01/03, San Francisco Examiner
  • The Peter Principles: Camejo is the man of progressives' dreams-but what about reality?
    Wed 10/01/03, Metro Santa Cruz
  • Democrats fear defeat if vote splits
    Tue 09/30/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Innovative ideas come from fringe candidates
    Sun 09/28/03, Los Angeles Times
  • Voter's guide: Peter Camejo
    Sun 09/28/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Camejo brings Green Party gospel to UCSC
    Fri 09/26/03, Santa Cruz Sentinel
  • Debate fails to provide voters with substance
    Fri 09/26/03, The Californian
  • Debate makes one choice easy: Forget the recall
    Fri 09/26/03, San Francisco Examiner
  • I Call for a Fair Tax
    Fri 09/26/03, Los Angeles Weekly
  • The big debate: Winners, losers and voters
    Fri 09/26/03, Santa Maria Times
  • Views vary widely on economy
    Fri 09/26/03, Contra Costa Times
  • We're Goin De-bate City, Gonna Have Some Fun
    Fri 09/26/03, Cybercast News Service
  • California business doing well - or not, say candidates
    Thu 09/25/03, Sacramento Business Journal
  • Candidates clash
    Thu 09/25/03, Stockton Record
  • Candidates trade jabs, humor
    Thu 09/25/03, San Diego Union Tribune
  • Candidates turn heat on Schwarzenegger
    Thu 09/25/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Claws come out in free-for-all
    Thu 09/25/03, Contra Costa Times
  • Debate free-for-all
    Thu 09/25/03, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Debate spirited; little new revealed
    Thu 09/25/03, Ventura County Star
  • Debating the Debate
    Thu 09/25/03, Associated Press
  • Full transcript of California gubernatorial debate
    Thu 09/25/03, Associated Press
  • Ideas, barbs traded
    Thu 09/25/03, Fresno Bee
  • Recall free-for-all
    Thu 09/25/03, San Jose Mercury News
  • Recall Rivals Use Debate to Go on Attack
    Thu 09/25/03, Los Angeles Times
  • Scripted event doesn't prevent spirited sparring
    Thu 09/25/03, Inland Daily Bulletin
  • Voters eye debate with interest, skepticism
    Thu 09/25/03, Associated Press
  • Determined activist pushes agenda in face of long odds
    Wed 09/24/03, Mercury News
  • Though he's a long shot, Camejo concedes nothing
    Mon 09/22/03, Vallejo Times-Herald
  • Camejo booted from high school government class
    Sun 09/21/03, SF Gate
  • Recall: Repealing fee hikes part of many candidates� plans
    Sun 09/21/03, UCLA Daily Bruin
  • Camejo rallies HSU students
    Sat 09/20/03, Times Standard
  • Camejo: Recall opening door for Greens
    Sat 09/20/03, Times-Standard
  • Candidates supportive of campus
    Sat 09/20/03, Merced Sun Star
  • Major Gubernatorial Candidates Attend Forum in LA
    Sat 09/20/03, KXTV 10
  • Camejo's political lessons came early, from abroad
    Tue 09/16/03, Associated Press
  • Keep actor out of Sacramento, Green candidate says
    Sun 09/14/03, San Diego Union Tribune
  • In Gubernatorial Debate, Ethnic Communities Reframe Issues
    Thu 09/11/03, Pacific News Service
  • Bustamante gives his regrets
    Wed 09/10/03, Sacramento Bee
  • California's gubernatorial race lacks a shining start
    Wed 09/10/03, Nashville City Paper
  • Candidates tell Davis accent joke isn't funny
    Wed 09/10/03, Los Angeles Times
  • Recall candidates debate
    Wed 09/10/03, USC Daily Trojan
  • Recall hopefuls lean left in minority forum
    Wed 09/10/03, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Green Party candidate blasts Davis, NUMMI grant
    Sat 09/06/03, Tri-Valley Herald
  • Green Party's Man Is Tickled Pink Over Debate
    Fri 09/05/03, Los Angeles Times
  • Just being in the debate a victory for progressives
    Fri 09/05/03, San Francisco Chronicle
  • State in search of leadership
    Fri 09/05/03, Santa Maria Times
  • Analysis: Issue-rich discussion covers range of ideas
    Thu 09/04/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Excerpts from the debate among California's recall candidates
    Thu 09/04/03, Associated Press
  • Taking their stands: Five hopefuls make their differences plain
    Thu 09/04/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Transcript of First California Recall Debate
    Thu 09/04/03, San Jose Mercury News
  • Candidates' stances on gun issues emerge
    Wed 09/03/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Hopefuls draw lines
    Wed 09/03/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Green candidate uses capital tools for social change
    Mon 09/01/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Peter Camejo - He unveils a plan to hike taxes on state's richest, cut levies for others
    Mon 09/01/03, LA Times
  • Arrogance of those in power who think they are different than us
    Fri 08/29/03, Morgan Hill Times
  • Let the rich pay, Camejo says
    Fri 08/29/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Peter Camejo
    Fri 08/29/03, Los Angeles Times
  • Camejo unveils his budget plan
    Thu 08/28/03, San Jose Mercury News
  • Investment firm founder plays the Green card
    Thu 08/28/03, San Diego Union Tribune
  • Californians: Recall your past
    Tue 08/26/03, The Orion
  • It's more than saying, 'It's the economy, stupid'
    Sun 08/24/03, San Francisco Chronicle
  • The unimportance of Being Camejo: Earnest and well-spoken
    Thu 08/21/03, LA Weekly
  • Courting Latino Voters: Hispanic Group rallies residents around Green Party
    Tue 08/19/03, San Jose Mercury News
  • California candidates are short on spending solutions
    Mon 08/18/03, Los Angeles Times
  • Green Party may split Democrats
    Mon 08/18/03, UCLA Daily Bruin
  • Sept. 9th, 17th set for top California guvernatorial candidates
    Thu 08/14/03, Associated Press
  • Nader Backs Camejo Despite Pie
    Wed 08/13/03, Associated Press
  • Making News: Peter Camejo
    Tue 08/12/03, National Public Radio
  • Crowded Field
    Mon 08/11/03, PBS
  • California's Recall Election: Good for the Greens?
    Fri 08/01/03, Pacific News Service
  • Greens and the recall
    Thu 07/31/03, San Francisco Bay Guardian
  • If There's No Democrat on the Ballot, Green Party Candidate Could Win
    Tue 07/29/03, San Jose Mercury News
  • Green Party's Camejo ready to contest recall election
    Fri 07/04/03, Argus Online
  • Camejo to run for governor if recall vote's held
    Tue 07/01/03, Sacramento Bee
  • Why Gray Davis is to blame for the recall
    Sun 06/22/03, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Recall rules lead to unusual scenarios
    Mon 06/16/03, Eureka Times Standard
  • California Recall Effort Clouds Davis's Future
    Fri 04/25/03, New York Times
  • Principles and profits
    Wed 04/09/03, San Francisco Bay Guardian
  • Greens consider joining forces with GOP on Davis recall
    Sun 03/02/03, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Despite losses, Green Party candidates remain optimistic
    Thu 11/07/02, Ukaih Daily Journal
  • Green candidate plays down strong level of support
    Thu 11/07/02, Oakland Tribune
  • Green Party is not exactly feeling blue
    Thu 11/07/02, Sacramento Bee
  • Stanford Daily Endorses Camejo
    Mon 11/04/02, The Stanford Daily
  • Candidato Latino busca apoyo de hispanos con gobernador de California
    Sat 11/02/02, OC �VIVE!
  • Candidatos fustigan al gobernador Davis
    Sat 11/02/02, La Opinion
  • Latinos descontentos con republicanos y democratas buscan partidos politicos alternativos
    Sat 11/02/02, Terra
  • Audio

  • California gubernatorial debate - streaming audio
    Thu 09/04/03, National Public Radio
  • Peter Camejo's closing remarks
    Thu 09/04/03, Nando Media
  • Interview with Peter Camejo
    Mon 10/07/02, KPFK radio
  • Sonali Kolhatkar interviews Peter Camejo
    Mon 10/07/02, KPFK

    Press Releases

  • Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Meets with Stockton Farmworkers Press Release
    Thu 10/31/02, Camejo for Governor
  • Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Receives Powerful Endorsement Press Release
    Mon 10/28/02, Camejo for Governor
  • Attorneys Call for Bribery Investigations Into Gov. Davis's Fund-Raising Press Release
    Mon 10/14/02, Camejo for Governor
  • Endorsements, Media Attention Turn to Camejo Press Release
    Fri 10/11/02, Camejo for Governor