Five Best Creed Colognes for Men

With the population and the population and with increasing demand requirement of fashion and beautify products have been increasing days by day. This article is mainly focus on best creed colognes for men.

CREED colognes came from very old business and are in existence since 1760s. Founder James Henry creed started producing cents and perfumes. These centsa were extracted from different flower, wood, fregrancive oil, roots, leaf etc. As he was a very creative man and good business planning he got famous among different celebrities and higher authority persons. So from that time the Creed name of cents and perfumes had got famous. CREED provide a differed types of perfumes for MEN . these perfumes are famous and demanded from all over the world.

Here are the some top five best CREED cologne reviews:

1. Creed Silver Mountain For Men

• It is generally come into existence in 1995 by CREED. Its quality of fragrance is cool and fresh. It is the first choose and highly dependable all over the world. Launched by the design house of creed in the year 1995

• For all skin types 4 Ounce

• It is recommended for casual wear

• this spray is from Creed for Unisex – 4 oz Millesime Spray

• Top note: Bergamot, mandarin, neroli,Middle note: Green tea, blackcurrant bud,Base note: Sandalwood, musk

• It is best suitable for marriage, birthday parties. It highly imactfull perfume.

• Designed for men

This perfume cotains the mixture of spcial fragrences from differen flowers . in this perfume thre flowers fregrance are used which are mixed in a ration of 60: 20: 20. This combination of fragrance make it deep smell which creates its impact more during rainy season.

2. Creed Royal Oud Cologne

· It is a unisex perfume which is placed on rank 2nd as per survey. It is highly dependable due its unisex nature and long lasting impact. Launched by the design house of creed in the year 2011

· For all skin types

· It is recommended for casual wear.

This perfume is best suitable during any spiritual event. Like any worship, concerts, at temple. It is much famous among the people having age group of 40+. The deep impact of this perfume gives freshness for long time. Both girls and boys can use this due to unisex nature. It’ deep fragrance attract people towards you in a crowd.

3. Creed Vetiver Millesime

The existence of creed vetiver Millesime since 1948. During British empire, this cent was the most dependable and still have consistency same as earlier. This quality of this product makes it top among all cents. Its smell is quite good but not so much deep. One can go through it who likes light long lasting smell.

4. Himalaya Cologne by Creed

A well known fact is available behind the introduction of this cent. This was introduced by father and his beloved son in the memory of climbing mountains. At that time they see the beauty of nature and mountain environment. They prepare a special fragrance which suit that environment conditions. It is quite costly among the many cents. One who like special fragrance in crowd can try this. It is unisex product. That’s why demand is limited to men.

5. Green Irish Tweed by Creed

This was come into origin since 1985. It is also most dependable perfume. Generally this perfume draw its impact in Irish countries mostly. It contains the notes of lime and has highly impact full fragrance. It is highly appreciated by Hollywood actors. “ Tom Cruise” personally said about this perfume during an interview that he’s favorite perfume is grin Irish by creed.

For other luxury cologne reviews, check out fragrance advisors.

Hamilton Beach 49989 – Grind & Brew Coffee Maker: Review

The Hamilton Beach 49989 Grind & Brew Coffee Maker is the perfect machine for brewing coffee at home. You can use it to make fresh coffee and serve it at one go. If you love to brew your own coffee then you will love this appliance. Here is a review you can trust to tell you all you need to know about this coffee maker.


This coffee brewer is designed to look great in your kitchen or office and give the best coffee ever. It comes in black and silver colors. It has an adjustable cup rest which makes it possible to brew coffee into any container you wish. Just slide it upwards when brewing into a mug and downwards when brewing into your travel cup. This prevents any spillages. At the front, just above the cup holder, are two buttons that need to be pressed and the coffee making process starts.

In the box you will also find a scoop that will make it easy to measure the amount of coffee beans you use.

How it works

Making coffee with the Hamilton Beach 49989 Coffee Maker is so easy that even a child can do it. You can use ground coffee or whole coffee beans which means there are no limitations to the kind of coffee you can have.

To start the grinding and brewing process, just fill the bean chamber with the coffee beans or ground coffee and add water. Place a mug or cup in the cup holder. Press the grind & brew button if using coffee beans or brew if using ground coffee and the coffee making process will start. The rest of the process is automatic and all you need to do is sit back and wait for the coffee drink to fill your mug.


With the 49989, you can enjoy fresh coffee just the way you like it. You can brew up to 16 ounces and to hasten the process the machine can dispense 8 ounces from each of the two spouts it has. This machine is also single-serve which means that you can brew as little as a cup of coffee any time you want. The filter fitted in this coffee maker is permanent which means you will not need to keep looking for replacements every now and then.

The auto-clean feature cleans after every brewing cycle. This leaves the machine clean and free from clogging. It also has automatic shutoff feature which shuts the machine down when left standing for long.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy to clean with dishwasher friendly parts that are easy to remove.
  3. Comes with an adjustable cup holder
  4. Can grind and then brew fresh coffee beans immediately
  5. The parts are made using high quality materials that last a long time


  1. It does not use a battery

Bottom Line

When you want tasty coffee the Hamilton Beach 49989 is the perfect brewer and grinder to get. Whether you prefer to use beans or ground coffee you will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee within a few minutes.

Top 3 Best Fish Finders To Get For Your Man

Fishing may sometimes prove to be difficult especially when you are fishing in an expansive lake or sea because it is hard to know where the fish is by just looking. The best way to enhance effective fishing is to use fish finders to help locate the fish.

This is a gadget that will help you find where the fish are hiding for easy catching. The gadget is able to locate, scan and track fish even under the waves and can exactly pinpoint where each fish is in proportion to your location.

A fish finder can measure the deepness of water and can even tell the temperatures in certain spots for you to ascertain where the best fishing spot is. The following are the best fish finders:

Garmin Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder

This is a fish finder with a relatively small screen but is able to get the job done effectively. It comes with a full color and high contrast that makes you switch between menus with ease. For convenience, you can upgrade the striker to a bigger screen so that you can enjoy a clear view. This gadget allows you to mark your hot spots for ease when returning to them whether you are on a river or in open waters to ensure you track your progress easily. The Garmin Striker fish finder is built with a high-quality transducer using CHIRP technology which provides a signal that can go deep into waters and ensure you catch plenty of fish. The best thing about this technology is that is effective in both fresh water and salt waters. Other features of this fish finder include an easy to use control panel, speedometer on the screen and many others.

Humminbird HELIX 7 CHIRP DI GPS G2 Fish Finder

This fish finder will save you a great deal of time used trying to find where the fish is and gives you plenty of time to catch fish. This gadget uses side-by-side dual imaging technology which is a sophisticated fish locator that allows you to view the underwater environment. It comes with an integrated GPS that is able to store up to 50 routes and over 2000 waypoints. This is efficient in enhancing effective marking of coordinates of all the fishing spots on your favorite rivers and lakes. The gadget comes complete with underwater sonar transducer and the needed mounting hardware for quick and easy installation on your boat.

The Lowrance Hook-3X Sonar Fish Finder

This fish finder provides the best readouts on lakes and rivers and doesn’t hurt your pocket. It has a three-inch screen with high contrast readouts that displays all the information required. It is built with advanced signal processing software that automatically boosts the signal. It comes with a transducer that produces 2000kHz to give you a nice view in shallow and deeper waters. This gadget is built with the best materials including a waterproof housing which makes it durable and is easy to control. It is designed with quick-release mounting bracket and advanced signal processing for a clearer image. For more, check out the lists on

Music Artists That We Loved

50 Cent

50 cent
50 cent

50 Cent was born Curtis James Jackson III on July 6,1975 in Queens, New York. He was raised until the age of eight years old by his mother Sabrina Jackson who made her living dealing cocaine. He than moved in with his grandmother. At the age of 14 he started boxing and selling crack cocaine on the street to earn extra money. In the summer of 1994, 50 Cent was arrested for selling drugs to an undercover officer. He was sentenced to 9 nines in prison but only had to serve 6 months in a boot camp program, where he earned his GED. Afterwards her started rapping and in 1996 met Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, who took him under his wing and taught him how to write and structure songs.

50 Cent made his first official appearance on Run DMC’s 1998 album Shut ‘Em Down, on the song React. In 1999 50 Cent left Jam Master Jay and signed to Columbia Records. In 2000 he released his unofficial debut album Power Of The Dollar. If February 2003, 50 Cent released his official commercial debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. It debuted at number one and sold over 800,000 copies in it’s first four days. Since then he has released three other studio albums which include The Massacre, Curtis and Before I Self Destruct. 50 Cent has sold over 23 million albums to date.



Pink is the stage name of Alecia Beth Moore, an American singer and songwriter. She was born on Septem 8,1979 in Doylestown Pennsylvania. At the early age of fourteen she started singing Philadelphia clubs and at the age of sixteen joined the Atlanta based band Choice. Choice was signed to Leface Records and contributed a song to the 1996 sound track of Kazaam. The group disbanded after recording an unreleased album but Pink remained with the label as a solo act. In 2000, she released her debut album entitled Can’t Take Me Home. It was a commercial success and has since sold over five million copies. Pink followed up the success of her freshman album with the release of Missundaztood.

That album was a smash success and has sold over sixteen million copies worldwide. Her third album, and the one with the lowest sales to date, was released in 2003 and was titled Try This.Pink continued writing music and she married BMX racer Carey Hart in January of 2006. That was also the year she released her fourth album I’m Not Dead. Pink And Corey Hart were together for two years when they separated in 2008. After the seperation Pink released Fun House in October of 2008. It debuted on the U.K and Australian charts at the number one position and at the number two position of the U.S. Charts.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was born in Staten Island, New York on December 18,1980. She first appeared in the television series Star Search and later on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club. Christina Aguilera got her big break when she recorded the song Reflection for the 1998 movie Mulan. She was then signed to RCA and released her debut album entitled Christina Aguilera in 1999. The album was a smash, selling over seventeen million copies and spawning three hit singles. The album also won her a Best New Artist award in 2000. She followed this success with her sophomore album entitled Stripped,which was released in 2002. Stripped went on to sell over for million units.

Christina Aguilera broadened her proffessional horizons with several guest appearances on Saturday Night Live, as well as voice work on the animated movie Shark Tale. During the summer of 2004 she released her first signature perfume named Xpose. Then in 2006 she released her third album, Back To Basics. That album has sold over 4.6 million units worldwide. Christina Aguilera once again launced a new fragrance through Procter And Gamble aptly named after herself. Christina Aguilera is currently working on her fourth studio album which is yet untitled.

The Game

The Game
The Game

The Game is an American rapper that was born Jayceon Terrell Taylor on November 29, 1979 in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in the gang infested neighborhood of Compton where he would eventually end up joining the street gang, the Bloods. The Game was discovered by Dr. Dre in 2003 and was signed to Aftermath Entertainment that same year. His debut album was released in 2005 and was titled, The Documentary. It has since sold over five million copies worldwide. The Game than returned to the studio and in November of 2006 released his sophomore album, Doctor’s Advocate. The album was dedicated to his long time mentor Dr.Dre.

On August 22, 2008 he released what was rumored to be his final album LAX. This album debuted at the number two spot on the Billboard Top 200 with almost a quarter million copies sold. Though The Game had repeatedly said that he would retire after the tour for this album, it has been confirmed that he is working on a new studio album entitled The R.E.D Album. It’s scheduled to be released through Interscope Records sometime in 2009. The Game has said that he didn’t retire after LAX because of pressure from Interscope Records to release another album.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff

An American singer and songwriter, Hillary Duff was born on September 28,1987 in Houston, Texas. She started her career early by appearing in the Hallmark’s western mini-series True Women in 1997 at the age of ten years old. Her first major role was that of Wendy in the direct to video sequel to Casper titled, Casper Meets Wendy which was released in 1998. Than in 1999 she appeared in the television movie The Soul Collector. That role won her a Young Artist Award for “Best young actress in a supporting role.” But, she got her real big break in the Disney Channel’s series Lizzy Mcguire. The series was a hit in the ratings and put Hillary Duff in the media spotlight.

She parlayed that fame into her music career, releasing an album in 2003 entitled Metamorphosis. This album was a critical success, selling over four million copies and solidified her teen and pre-teen popularity. She then went on to create two more albums in 2004 and 2007, titled Hillary Duff and Dignity respectively. Hillary Duff has also released several compilation albums such as Most Wanted and 4Ever. She has also appeared in numerous guest spots on television series’ such as Joan Of Arcadia and the Ghost Whisperer.



Akon is the stage name of Aliaune Thiam, an R&B singer of Senegal origin. His date of birth is unknown to the public, with some sources stating that her was born in 1973 and still others reporting that her was born in 1981. Akon rose to fame in 2004 with the release of his debut album, Trouble. It was a critical success and spawned the hit single Locked Up and raked in over 1.6 million sales worldwide. He followed that success with the release of his second album, Konvicted in November of 2006.

That album has sold over four million copies and earned Akon his first Grammy Award Nomination for the single Smack That. He has since released a third studio album entitled Freedom which has as of now become certified gold. Akon has made numerous guest appearances on other artist records. In fact, he’s credited with over 155 guest appearances on various songs. Akon is also the first solo artist to be credited with holding the number one and number two spots on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts at the same time. Besides his five Grammy Award nominations he has also received numerous award nominations, such as the MTV2 Award and Male Artist Of The Year Award in 2007.



Metallica is a thrash metal band that was formed in Los Angeles, Calfornia in 1981. They are a four member band that consist of it’s three core members, vocalist James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. The role of bass guitar has been held by various musicians over the years but is currently being held by Robert Trujillo. Metallica was started when drummer Lars Ulrich placed an ad in a local newspaper looking for musicians to start a band with. The newly formed Metallica than released it’s debut album, Kill ‘Em All. Though only 1500 copies were originally produced, the album went on to sell over three million units.

They followed their success with the release of their second and third albums, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets. Master Of Puppets was a commercial success and sold over six million copies in the United States alone. Metallica has since nine more albums, two of which were live albums and forty-five singles. They have also produced twenty-four music videos and have won nine Grammy Awards. The band currently holds the number four spot for most album sales with over fifty-one million albums sold to date.



Madonna Louise Ciccone, better known by her stage name Madonna is a world acclaimed singer,dancer, actress and entrepreneur. She was born on August 16,1958 in Bay City, Michigan. In 1977 she moved to New York and worked at various minumum wage jobs. Then in 1982, Sire Records signed her to a singles deal. The first single released was “Everybody”. Though it failed to break into any music charts it did open the door for her 1983 debut album entitled Madonna. That album spawned several singles such as “Lucky Star” and “Borderline”. Worldwide it has sold over eight million copies. Her sophomore album was Like A Virgin and it was released in 1984.

It became a smash hit selling over twenty one million copies worldwide. During her career Madonna has released 11 studio albums with combined worldwide sales of two hundred million units.She has also starred in over twenty-two films, though most of them were comercial failures. And she has also written several books including the book Sex, which has sold over 1.4 million copies in it’s first six months. Madonna currently has an estimated worth of almost half a billion dollars.